I wish I could announce some good news telling that Waves is heading again to the moon. Alas! Nothing new under the moon. 50/100/200 EMA has been confidently going down for the last two months , so the price for the “Blockchain for the people”. All attempts to buy it out push it even deeper. Good sign that volume is reducing, meaning that the current momentum is slowing down. But we’ve seen it all before. Waves is cheaper that it was the 24th of June when there was a technical (artificial?) breakdown. To sell or not to sell? Accumulate. Waves is travelling around the world conducting workshops and trainings. Waves explores and enlarges its (what?! :)) smart contracts. 

Vitalik says his blockchain is full, he postpones updates, he defends friends from accusations in suspicious connections. Maybe this is the moment of truth? Or an opportunity for Waves? 

One thing is for sure – Waves has currently the smallest transaction fees on the market. Ride on waves. Waves is cheap. 

This is not a financial advice. Do your own research.

Get your engines ready

Hey folks,

Some would say that going from 1 to 2 dollars is not a big deal. Let them go. If you know the math it is x 2 growth, 100%. Yeah we wish waves be again 20$, but this is also a nice increase.

Few words on what I see here.

Look, for a pretty long period the volume behave itself like a boring child. Playing here, going there, eating some cookies. Boring. But last three days it is like an adult who knows what it wants. It definately wants to grow green. Somebody knows something interesting and buys.

Dragonfly Doji is a magical sign. It shows itself when a strong pression from ether side was rejected by the opposite side. You see the tail of dragonfly is low, but the day closed green. Someone doesn’t want the price to go down through 1$.

Why is the Rocket stands at 1.36? You see at the volume profile (horizontal bars at the right side) we see a launch base where biggest sell\buys we made. If the price breaks up this level, then the rocket will fly high in the sky up to 2 dollars.

This is not a financial advice. DYOR

Global perspective of the Waves / BTC pair

Hope dies last they say. You know technical analysis is kinda funny messenger for traders, such as a “broken phone game” (some call it chinese whisper). Yeah, a broken messenger 🙂 so sometimes charts show truth. In fact they always show nothing but truth, the problem is the interpretation by humans who call themselves traders. But let’s leave philosophy to crypto apostles and get down to the chart.

If you look at the global trend on the daily wave you can see the figure of the Expanding triangle. Send it to Sasha Ivanov and tell him, we all see that, so he is to try to make our interpretation and hopes come true. All we hear from him recently is “monetary policy” (or planetary monicy? What’s that anyway?). Let the Waves price talk for itself instead of Sasha. Tell him that. Or we shall follow the Sun, Justin Sun 🙂

Some short overview of the world news

  • there is a crisis in Argentina and they are thinking of replacing the peso with a BTC https://bitcoinist.com/is-bitcoin-an-option-in-argentina-as-stock-market-collapses/
  • in China they plan to launch the first digital currency http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/a/201907/09/WS5d239217a3105895c2e7c56f.html
  • In US SEC again postponed all (three!) ETF applications till this fall. Some say if not this fall then never https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-08-12/sec-delays-cryptocurrency-etf-decisions-citing-market-concerns and the BTC dived under 11k (at the time of publication already under 10K)

Another good news is that Waves has been listed on the (unknown to anyone) super WhiteBit exchange (is this an exchange at all? :{ ), and also goes to the hackathon in Berlin. Well, ok, good day, good news 🙂
Stay with us. If we don’t get rich we’ll have fun at least 🙂

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