Compound interest in Waves mining

Why is it profitable?
Many already know that compound interest can make more money if we consider, for example, deposits in a bank.
But is it possible to earn more on compound interest in wave mining?
We say YES! and give you this opportunity!
Tell us that you want to earn extra income through compound interest and we will increase your balance every week by how much money you earn.
What is the leasing algorithm in the case of compound interest:

  • you lease Waves just as you usually do – your Waves remain under your control.
  • you specify in the settings that you want to receive extra income for your address.
  • Once a week, we either send money to you as a result of mining or leave them and add to your mining amount increasing your income.
  • at the moment when you want to receive your income – just tell us about it and on the next Monday all your accumulated interest balance will be paid to you.

The sooner you start using compound interest, the higher your final balance will be.

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