Node.Monster Leasing Pool

Our mission – create and support best LPOS Waves node.

Therefore, we have created and maintained Node.Monster mining pool. We believe in the power of the community and therefore distribute 100% of the mining income.
We are confident that we, all together, will be able to win the Waves competition for the best node. The results of this win depend on all of us. Therefore, we distribute the winnings among all of our leasers.

Join our community. We made special conditions to be the best:

What’s yours is yours. 100% of income received from a lesser’s money goes to the lesser in Waves.
Super Pize! The early bird gets the worm. 90% of income received from the Game of Nodes prize will be distributed throughout the year among the Node.Token holders. Node.Tokens will be sent to all participants on 18/09. We sell MRT tokens, hold it in node balance. Leasers get Node.Monster tokes by rate of 500 tokens for each mined block. The earlier you lease, the more you receive during the year.
Zero fees. 0% fees for administering the node or lessers money. 0 (Zero) payout transaction fee. Node pays all the fees for the lessers.
Time is money. Payouts are once a week on Tuesdays till 23:59:59. 
Waves Compound Magic. Grow profits through re-investing earned money. If you leave the earned money you’ll get 6% of interest on it. Compound interests can considerably multiply your profits from leasing with Node Monster. (More on this will be published soon on our website and telegram
Whales are welcome. Special conditions for big leasers! 111% income or some other bonuses. Please contact telegram @NodeMonster directly 
NEVER SEEN BEFORE IN CRYPTOLESING! Referral program reward. Get an additional 30% of your referrals income + one-time bonus of 1% of referral’s amount! (Only if they keep the money  till the end of the Game of Nodes which ends on 18 Sep 2019).

How to start leasing? Use your lease tab in your wallet. Our leasing pool address is:


Any questions? You are welcome at telegram: or contact